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Are you able to purchase a home in Puʻuhona if you are not on the current Maui Residential Waitlist?

To be eligible to purchase a home in Puʻuhona and other DHHL projects, you must be on the Hawaiian Home Lands Maui Residential Waitlist. See information on how to apply for the Hawaiian Home Lands.

How do I apply to become a beneficiary for the Hawaiian Home Lands Maui Residential Waitlist?

Please go to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands website at www.dhhl.hawaii.gov, then click to the right of the page “Information for Applicants”, then “Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands”. There you will find Eligibility Requirements and a place to “Request an Application Forms Packet”. Please complete the online application to receive the Application Packet. Note: To be eligible to apply for a Hawaiian Home Lands homestead lease, you must meet two requirements, 1) be at least 18 years of age; and 2) you must be a native Hawaiian, defined as “any descendant of not less than one-half part of the blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778.” This means you must have a blood quantum of at least 50% Hawaiian.

What are the home prices for Puʻuhona?

House Plans have been submitted to the County of Maui for review and approval. Once plans are approved, they will go out to bid and shortly thereafter, starting home prices will be available.

How many bedrooms/bathrooms are in the home?

Puʻuhona offers five different models that consist of a mix of two to five bedrooms, one to three bathrooms, and one- and two- story floor plans. Please visit our Puʻuhona website at www.puuhona.com/renderings-and-floorplans to view Model Homes including floor plans and renderings.

When will an information meeting regarding this project be held?

We anticipate an in-person orientation meeting by DHHL and Dowling Company to be held in May 2024. Once the date has been selected, DHHL will send beneficiaries the Project Information, including the date and time of the meeting and location. For beneficiaries off-island, a virtual connection will be provided.

How do I qualify to purchase a home in Puʻuhona?

You must be a Waiohuli Undivided Interest Lessee or on the Hawaiian Home Lands Maui Residential Waitlist, financially pre-qualified (pre-qualification letter from an approved lender), and meet other requirements of DHHL to be invited to the Lot Selection. We anticipate that the Lot Selection meeting will be held in the summer of 2024.

How do I get pre-qualified for a home loan?

Please visit our Puʻuhona website www.puuhona.com/partners to see the list of preferred lenders for this project and please contact the lender of your choice. You may also sign up for Homebuyer Education Workshops and Financial Workshops to help you prepare for your home loan. As soon as dates for these workshops are available, the Puʻuhona website will provide information regarding these workshops.

Do you have any preferred lenders for this project?

Please visit the Puʻuhona website www.puuhona.com/partners for the preferred lenders for this project.

How do I qualify for a Habitat for Humanity Home?

If you are awarded a vacant improved lot in the Puʻuhona Homestead, Habitat for Humanity homes will be available for qualified beneficiaries by income, size, and willingness to partner with the organization. Habitat for Humanity Maui provides underserved residents with an opportunity to own a home with an affordable, no interest, mortgage. They serve residents earning 25% to 80% of the area median income in Maui County. Habitat Maui’s Intake and Application Form is available on their website along with details regarding their program. Please visit the Habitat for Humanity Maui website at www.habitat-maui.org, view Projects, then Hawaiian Home Lands.

Are there any grants or special programs available to help with down payments for 1st time homebuyers?

We are currently seeking grants/programs for 1st time homebuyers and/or household earnings of 80% or below of the area median income. We will provide information on the Puʻuhona website at www.puuhona.com/partners as soon as program information is available.

Are there financial counseling workshops available to beneficiaries?

Yes, Hawaiian Community Assets, Central Pacific Bank, and Habitat for Humanity Maui will be providing financial workshops and counseling. Services and information regarding their programs will be available soon on our website at www.puuhona.com/partners.

When will we be able to move into the home?

Currently, anticipated completion of home construction is scheduled for early to mid 2025.


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