Turnkey awards are lots with pre-built single-family homes

Recognizing that some beneficiaries are not comfortable with, or able to, plan, design, and organize the construction of a home, the Department develops turnkey homes for their convenience. For more information regarding the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, please click on the link below.

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Benefits of a Turnkey Award

You will have a choice in the model type that best suits you and your family's needs and price range

You will enjoy all the transfer and successorship rights of a DHHL lessee.

DHHL will assume the construction risks for you.

DHHL will seek the best possible construction financing terms for your home.

If your home is being constructed in conjunction with other homes, "bulk purchase" discounts will be passed on to you.

Vacant lot awards program

Learn more about Designing and Constructing your own home

The Vacant Lot Award is an award to an applicant who would like to design and construct his or her own home on a parcel of land with infrastructure developed by DHHL.


Pu‘uhona Homestead

Project size

47.4 acres


137 turn-key single-family residences

Vacant lots

24 vacant improved single-family lots

Average Lot size

Approximately 7,500 sq. ft.