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The site plan for the Pu‘uhona Homestead project is meticulously crafted to honor the surrounding communities while embodying distinctive design standards.

The architectural layout of the homes and homesites and the overall project character strike a balance between quality and affordability.

The project’s lot sizes, approximately 7,500 square feet, comply with the County of Maui R-1 residential subdivision standards. The site will be terraced thoughtfully to optimize breathtaking views of central Maui. With a focus on seamless integration, two roadway access points off Honoapi‘ilani Highway – including a full intersection and a limited right-in and right-out intersection – aim to enhance accessibility.

Neighboring the project site are vacant agricultural lands to the north and west, while the southern border adjoins the Waiolani single-family residential subdivision. The eastern boundary is bordered by the Honoapi‘ilani Highway. Internal roads within the project are designed in loops, ensuring smooth circulation within the subdivision.

Homesites in the Pu‘uhona Homestead offer a momentous opportunity for its beneficiaries.

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