Pu‘uhona Site Plan

Below is a list of the 161 lots in the Pu‘uhona Homestead located in the Waikapū Ahupua‘a within Maui’s Wailuku District.

Image above is the Pu‘uhona Site Plan. Click on image to expand. 

The plan is conceptual and not to scale. It is for reference only and subject to change. The developer reserves the right to modify plans, building features, specifications, and prices as necessary by law or governmental bodies.

Pu‘uhona Homestead Lot Size (sq ft)

Not to scale.  Subject to change. These drawings are conceptual only and for the convenience of reference. It should not be relied upon as representation express or implied, of the final size, location or dimensions of any lot, building area, or house. The developer, its agents, associate companies, and suppliers expressly reserve the right to make any modifications, revisions, and changes it deems desirable by law or governmental bodies including but not limited to modifying plans, building elevations including paint colors, roof design, specifications, features and sales price without prior notice or obligation. Does not include furniture, certain appliances, home accessories and plants, exterior landscaping, and/or vehicles.

Turnkey awards program

Learn more about Pre-built Single Family Homes

Recognizing that some beneficiaries are no comfortable with, or able to, plan, design, and organize the construction of a home, the department develops turnkey homes for their convenience.

Vacant lot awards program

Learn more about Designing and Constructing your own home

The Vacant Lot Award is an award to an applicant who would like to design and construct his or her own home on a parcel of land with infrastructure developed by DHHL.

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